costs and surcharges

Prices and Surcharges

Price guide from 01 January 2024. All Prices are calculated from York

Destination Each way up to 4 Each way 5+
Leeds / Bradford ✈ 65.00 90.00
Manchester ✈ 150.00* 180.00*
Liverpool ✈ 170.00* 210.00*
Humberside ✈ 95.00 125.00
Newcastle ✈ 170.00* 195.00*
Tees Valley ✈ 90.00 125.00
Heathrow ✈ 345.00* 400.00*
Stanstead ✈ 330.00 375.00
Gatwick ✈ 400.00 440.00
Luton ✈ 320.00 350.00
East Midlands ✈ 170.00 200.00
Birmingham ✈ 195.00* 240.00*
Hull 100.00 150.00
Leeds 65.00 95.00
Manchester 160.00 190.00
Scarborough 90.00 125.00
Bridlington 90.00 125.00
Whitby 90.00 125.00
London 400.00* 450.00*
Bradford 100.00* 140.00*

* congestion charge may apply

For further information on minibus hire in York or to make a booking please contact Gary Dodson on 07932013643 or 01904 264291 or email:

Terms and Conditions

All prices quoted are subject to additional charges dependant on a customer’s requirements and any possible discounts offered through promotions or linked airport journeys.

All of our prices are quoted, prior to the journey and are based on the type of booking, time, distance any specific and individual needs that the customer may have.

Prices will be agreed prior to the time and date of the booking and if required will be confirmed by email or by text.

Where the vehicle is booked for 4 people or less but has been booked due to excess luggage or to carry large items the bus rate will be charged.

The rate for journeys not listed will be booked at £5 plus £2.15per mile for 4 people or less and £10 plus £3.15per mile for 5 to 8 people. Any extra part of a mile will be charged at the full mile rate.

Waiting time for a booking will be charged at £20 per hour and any part hour may be chargeable at the full hourly rate.

If we did a job to a city/place, for example London, then wait and return with the customer the same day it would be charged at the rate one way plus £20 per hour waiting then bring them back for 50% of the outbound price.

(* congestion charge may apply)